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Hi, I'm Bart and I've always been passionate about the web. This resulted in using various webtechnologies/frameworks from front-end to back-end. I like to use existing frameworks but being interested in how things work and to bundle my knowledge I created my own frameworks like a php mvc-based framework called webster, which makes it easy to build websites with a minimal of code and a lot of flexibility. I also created an ORM for easy database CRUD.

Digital media and graphic design are also a passion of mine. I create graphics with Photoshop and TheGIMP and I like to experiment with digital media like PDF and ePub to create interactive digital experiences.

I also like beer which resulted in bierkraag.be where I want to collect ALL Belgian beers and breweries. I also use a lot of photography and social media like Twitter and Instragram to promote my website.

You can find me working with the following technologies

Wordpress - cms

You can find me online at the following places:

flickr twitter linkedin gmail google+ android 500px github